Pixel Farmer – Created with Puzzlescript

Pixel Farmer puzzlescript game

Hi all ! I will talk to you abour PuzzleScript today.

It’s long ago that a don’t have write a new article on my web site. So,  “PuzzleScript” is alittle game engine. this one allows to create a simple 2d game since a website. He use a pseudo language. He is easy to create a little game with it. I have created a little game for show you a demonstration of course 😀

Now, I will to present to you my creations with PuzzleScript. My game is called Mini Farmer. You must fill all buckets on the map with water for give it to your cows. For trying, it’s here :

Pixel Farmer puzzlescript game

Pixel Farmer puzzlescript game


Oh wait ! You want to create your own game too ? Go here and share your game with me 🙂


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