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Tiny Tiny Duel – lowrezjam

Hi everybody ! I am happy to present to you my new game created for the lowrezjam called Tiny Tiny Duel.

What is Tiny Tiny Duel ? 

This a little game card with a low resolution of pixel (64×64). I have created it in 2 weeks behind the lozrezjam. I have use Pico-8 ( fantaisie console ) for create it.

In this game, you have to fight with IA. Use your card and your strategie for defeat him. Any victory will give you experience and new cards. With your skills acquired fight after fight, you will be able defeat the IA in somes difficulties (Easy, medium and hard). You will discovered 3 various types of cards (Attack special, Heals and monsters). Each on of her have a particularity you will discover while playing.

How play to Tiny Tiny Duel ?

Let’s go on ma page, and play.

Tiny Tiny Duel in pictures

cards game - for lowrezjam

Tiny Tiny duel - for lowrezjam

A tip for Tiny Tiny Duel ?

Read the rules before starting to play.


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